Why National Mobile Billboards?



There's an old adage - "You're only as good as your first impression". With that in mind, our staff takes great pride in their professional dress, attitude and a willingness to literally go the extra mile on behalf of the client's product. Our units are always kept in immaculate condition and you will never see an unwashed National Mobile Billboard unit or one in disrepair. Whether it's promoting a clients product solely through mobile billboards or combining mobile advertising with product sampling, NMB employees will always put their best foot forward.

Cost Effective

When considering out of home (OOH) media the key issue to consider is exposure. Mobile Billboards offer you the effectiveness of reaching all demographics. Our units can target multiple areas within a given day, week, month or year. Comparing this form of media to others, the mobility and shear size of the units outweighs the cost. But that's not good enough. NMB goes further by adding exterior sound systems allowing you to create a commercial to be played while your advertisement is on display. The result is a "talking mobile billboard". We have personal address systems as well as night illumination. So whether you're targeting afternoon events or nightspots around town, we get your product noticed!

Nationwide Advertising

We have mobile billboard units working in multiple markets throughout the United States. We can quickly adapt to small demographic or large national branding campaigns. Many companies say they can handle national campaigns, but only National Mobile Billboards will deliver every time and guarantee the results! Give us a call and let's discuss your campaign.  Put the WOW in your campaign by placing your advertisement on our mobile billboards & mobile adbikes in any of the top 100 advertizing DMA cities.

Fast Turnaround

National Mobile Billboards can print, install and deliver mobile billboard units to various markets within a week! Everything possible will be done to make sure those last minute campaigns actually happen. With such fast turn around availability you never need to give up trying to reach and exceed market shares, wherever you're located at!

As Vince Lombardi said "Winning is not a sometimes thing; it's an all the time thing".

So why are our trucks so eye-catching?

Built specifically for advertising, our mobile units only do one thing; take your message directly to the public.  Choose between two different styles:

Backlit Style 

Our backlit units are illuminated by 3,000 watts of light; your advertisement will really be noticed at night! These vehicles each have three sign fronts that total three hundred square feet of advertising space.

Standard Style 

Our standard two sided units are great for daytime advertising, and have four hundred square feet of advertising space. These units are front lit for night-time service.

All units feature sound systems and can be tracked via GPS


Looking for specific pinpoint campaign marketing?

National Mobile Billboards has the answer... GPS-Mapping.

Our Geo-Mapping programs allow us to plan and coordinate campaigns nationwide, thus saving you time and money.

With today's overwhelming schedules, planners often find themselves running out of time on the execution phases of mobile advertising.

Clients can now sit back while National Mobile Billboards produces alternatives for a comprehensive campaign mapping plan that will truly be cost effective as well as efficient.

Don't let your mobile advertisements drive aimlessly through your target markets; allow National Mobile Billboards to create the plan that fits your specific needs!