Frequently Asked Questions


Why Mobile Billboards?

Two reasons - you can focus on a specific micro-geographical area, and yet be flexible to move to another. Secondly, you can cover large county or even statewide areas, without the need to purchase multiple static billboards.

Why consider mobile billboard advertising over other forms of media?

Mobile advertising has become a major part of the planning process in present day marketing concepts. Our custom built mobile billboards will surely meet the demands of today's market ideology. More people are seeking ways to avoid advertisers with products like TiVO and Sirius Satellite Radio than ever before. Newspapers are starting to see the signs of the up and coming younger generation who are moving towards the internet to reach their informational needs. This leads to mobile billboards and non-traditional advertising. You can't miss our units as they pass by, not to mention that when you pull up behind one of our mobile billboards in traffic it makes the average person think "what is that?" and thus the "mind" takes over and they read the advertisement message in hopes of figuring out why this truck looks so funny!

Why consider mobile billboards as an alternative to stationary billboards?

The ability to go to the public instead of waiting for them to come to you.

How do we know where you go?

GPS tracking allows us to monitor where our units are at all times. Additionally, all our units are equipped with mobile cell phones. With constant communication, we can re-direct our drivers any time you wish to change target areas.

How many people see our ad per day?

This depends on where the unit is. We feel most of the time we average over 100,000 per day.

How long are the units on the road?

On average our units are on the road 8 to 10 hours per day although we will run longer if you request it. You may wish to break the day up into two or three pieces, allowing your ad to be in all three drive-times. Drivers are allowed to take three breaks per day, during which the unit must constantly be in the public eye.

Why are your prices so low?

Economies of scale allow us to pass savings through to all our clients - whether they are new to us, or are one of our many returning clients.

Why should you select National Mobile Billboards to execute your next marketing campaign?

Simple - We know our job and we execute campaigns better than any other company in today's market place.