Mobile Media makes the difference!

Mobile Billboards

These units, built solely for the purpose of billboard advertising, will thread their way through the streets and parking lots of various target markets and place your clients' ad directly in front of the consumers eye.

Contracts can range from three days per market to as long as months at a time. The average branding campaign generally lasts a week per market. Naturally, the shorter the campaign, the more units you will need to reach market saturation. National Mobile Billboards can place multiple units within any market in the United States.

Units are equipped with:

ILLUMINATION: This allows for night time viewing at sporting events, festivals, restaurant districts and malls you may be targeting.

EXTERNAL SOUND SYSTEMS: "Let's get the party rocking..." In certain cases, mixing music with your visual advertisement will upgrade your mobile message into a multifaceted sales building machine.

PA SYSTEMS: Want to have a rally and need support? Using our mobile billboards, each of which are equipped with PA Systems, will allow you to attract the attention your project deserves. NMB will build the quickest stage setup you'll ever see. Carrying portable staging in the back of the units, we will set up for a fundraiser or promotion on site campaign within minutes.

FM TRANSMITTERS: Do you have more messages than billboard space allows? Utilizing our FM transmitters, NMB will broadcast a radio message directly from our advertisement unit. With six diff erent channels, we will deliver multiple messages directly to radios within 500ft. of your mobile billboard advertisement.

Whether you are planning a store opening, product branding or advocating for a special cause we off er the right advertisement space for you. Keep in mind... delivering constant unwavering excellence time and time again is the main reason that National Mobile Billboards is the leading mobile promotions company in the country today.

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