Mobile Media makes the difference!

Mobile AdBikes

Mobile Adbikes are the perfect way to create a street level "environmentally friendly" advertising campaign

Our units feature:

  • (2) Large 4'x 6' backlit signs.
  • AM/FM CD sound system, for the perfect custom made sound loop/commercial.
  • Storage availability for hot & cold food items as well as collateral items.
  • A qualified, well groomed operator, who is trained in promoting products and services to the public.

Our basic campaign consists of four (4) units. Although, you may need additional units depending on your target needs.

These units travel on predetermined routes based upon your campaign targets.

The operators can stop at key locations and points along these routes and disburse collateral items at no additional cost to you!

We transport our mini mobiles via custom built enclosed trailers.

These trailers, which we consider "mobile bases" can act as additional marketing platforms. Clients have the opportunity to "creatively wrap" these mobile bases in complete graphics to further enhance the effects of the campaign.

Additionally, clients can utilize these mobile bases as trade displays. We will setup these displays at major sporting venues and allow potential customers to see first hand, the value in your products.

Additionally, we allow our clients to choose uniforms for our staff. Operators will wear either our uniform shirts or yours!

We can also go "outside of the box" - maybe your company or product has an official mascot? We can have our operators wear your mascot costumes as they roll around the streets and sidewalks of the various towns and cities of the country promoting your company/products!

Just think
Would a Bear pedaling one of our four-wheeled
mini billboards catch your attention?

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