Mobile Media makes the difference!

Mobile Indoor Blimps

These mobile air ships will create the attention your product is seeking. There is nothing more noticeable than our mobile billboards circling the exterior of an event and our mobile airships flying around the inside. Great for product brandings at malls, arena events and anywhere else there is a ceiling high enough to be above the crowds. This added media is very cost effective because our mobile billboards units carry these machines. We can put the right kind of punch in your ad campaign that will drive the dollars to your bottom line.

The perfect example:

A client wants to catch the eye of the mall shoppers. We launch a mini blimp that has the client's logo printed on it and fly throughout the mall. The operator of the unit as well as other promoters can distribute coupons, discounts etc. while navigating the mall. A sure attention grabber!

Mobile Outdoor Blimps

These monsters of promotion average 20 to 24 feet in length and can be radio controlled for pinpoint marketing. Usually, these advertising magnets are tethered and are relatively stationary and high above an event. Our mobile outdoor blimps are great for promotional marketing around golf courses as well as other outdoor events. Although they can be more costly than indoor blimps these units will give you great impact and dollar return for years! Signage much like our mobile billboards is reusable time after time, provided dated messages are not utilized.

Mobile Helium Balls

Combine your mobile marketing campaign with GIANT helium balls that have your product logo printed on them. We will produce a media campaign that uses these eye-catching balloons in conjunction with our promotional teams. Having these fly above our teams as they disburse your media material is one of the greatest media promotions available. These are reusable and have a remarkably low cost considering the impact they generate.

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