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Campaign Examples


Target: Latino Americans.

Campaign Execution: July 2010.

Cities: Miami, FL.

Media Products Utilized: (click for more information)

Campaign Abstract: Disney was looking for an effective way to reach multiple neighborhoods within the Miami DMA.

After careful consideration they selected NMB to create a program that utilized "Chariot Style" Segway PTs, Brand Ambassadors and Mobile Billboards. All components were wrapped with their Disney branded message.

To create something truly our of the norm – we added neon lights & sound systems to our Segway units. Disney supplied some really cool sound tracks that lead to a "Pied Piper" effect. Kids were following our teams around the neighborhoods.

Our Segway operators as well as Brand Ambassadors disbursed 3D glasses to the kids and a multilingual handout that informed adults of the upcoming discount program that Disney was offering.

All in all – a really effective, eye-catching campaign.

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