NMB – Adbikes in Oakland, California

NMB Mobile Adbikes offer the perfect eco-friendly messaging platform for your campaign in Oakland, California. A smaller human powered version of our hugely popular mobile billboards, NMB Adbikes create a more hands-on street level captivation opportunity.

Unlike other companies, NMB Adbikes are superbly maintained and are delivered to market in a custom built transport unit, which in itself acts as a mobile billboard.

As our Mobile Adbikes travel throughout the greater Oakland, California area our skilled, friendly operators can disburse a multitude of product samples - including pre-wrapped hot and cold food & beverage samples.

Our standard Adbikes feature two 4' x 6' banners, commonly call single sheets in the biz. Also, we offer sound systems as well as digital flat screens, which can be set up for gaming promotions.

Why not consider NMB Adbikes for your next event or marketing project? We can target majors sports programs like; Major League Baseball, The National Football League and the NASCAR series.

So, if you want to capture the attention of pedestrian traffic anywhere in the greater Oakland, California area during your next advertising campaign - utilize our eco-friendly, engaging, promotional Adbikes!

Mobile AdBikes - Oakland - California
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