NMB – Brand Ambassadors in Greenville, South Carolina

NMB Brand Ambassadors offer the perfect way to put your brand in the consumer’s hands. So, when you’re considering the utilization of Brand Ambassadors in Greenville, South Carolina, look to NMB.

NMB Brand Ambassadors are one part cheerleader and the other part professional customer service representative. This combination of abilities creates the perfect branding machine!

We want our Brand Ambassadors to have fun and be engaging, but also be professional! As they engage the public, they create the perfect social media interaction. Whether they are branding the latest movie release or they are at an trade convention, our branders will create a buzz about YOUR product.

Since NMB always wants to meet the maximum reach and frequencies for every campaign, we generally like to match our Brand Ambassadors with a physical message platform. To that end, we can have them ride either our Mobile Adbikes or our Segways. This allows consumers to preview the message that the brander is delivering – thus, creating an all inclusive product mindshare!

So, let’s start planning your next Brand Ambassador campaign in Greenville, South Carolina. Simply give us a call and let us show you why we are the leader in Non-traditional Media Activations!

Brand Ambassadors - Greenville - South Carolina
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